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Chinese Bonsai, also called “盆景 (Penjing),” means "Tree in a Pot." The classic bonsai is all about creating a miniature tree or a landscape in a container.

This beautiful art form originated in China a thousand years ago. It was created by highly educated aristocrats who were inspired by nature, poetry, and landscape paintings. These artists believed that, by better understanding nature, they could improve their spiritual development.

At Valley Orchids, we have an impressive inventory of healthy, beautiful bonsai in artistic arrangements and decorative pots.

  The Chinese Bonsai  

Each area of China has its own unique style of Bonsai, specializing in a certain species of tree, certain training techniques, and a certain type of design. There is a deep Chinese philosophy behind each bonsai tree and landscape scene. It is more about revealing an untold story and discovering mysteries of nature than just creating an aesthetically pleasing image. Chinese bonsai is about chaos and creativity that is not trying to obey rules or reach perfection. These bonsai are often used in the creation of miniature scenes, which also use various other natural elements like rocks and water.

Junipers are one of the most popular forms of bonsai. There are many different varieties of evergreen juniper in the United States. However, when we think of a traditional bonsai, what comes to mind is the "Juniper Procumbens Nana." This impressive trouble-free evergreen is an excellent tree for the beginning grower.

Watering your Bonsai Tree

Junipers, as with most bonsai, like to dry out between watering. Feel the soil every day. If there are rocks in the pot, lift them up and feel under them; otherwise, just stick your finger about half an inch to an inch into the soil. If the soil feels dry, water your bonsai. Never let your bonsai go totally dry for extended periods!!! 

The best method for watering your bonsai is to soak it in a sink or container of water up to its trunk for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then allow it to drain. If top-watering your bonsai, water, wait a few minutes, and water again. Repeat this several times to insure that your bonsai has received a thorough watering. Eventually you will be able to determine a watering schedule that meets your climate conditions.



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